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School Safety And The Environment - 819 Words

As the climate in schools continues to change, parents and educators are concerned with school safety and the environment. The role of the school counselor is to help students develop positive social skills and to ensure students have access to academic and social activities regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, socioeconomic status and religion. Schools in American are made up of children of color and many of them face inequality because of old institutional practices that don’t meet the needs of all students. Minority students, low-income students and students who speak a language other than English, tend to be assigned to teachers who lack the experience and skills to educate multicultural students ( (Peske, 2006). Schools that fail to recognize multicultural education, deprive students from attaining the skills and individual beliefs and values they need to succeed post high school. Students that feel invalidated tend to feel anger and rejected b y their peers. They also are more likely to have problems reaching academic success. As a professional that seek to help all individuals in need, one must have a willingness to recognize and understand the worth all people. â€Å"Multicultural counseling/therapy means understanding the worldviews and life experiences of diverse groups in our nation (Sue, 2013).† Consider a Latino male student that has transferred to a predominantly white school and has been referred to the school counselor because hisShow MoreRelatedUnit 334 Support Children and Young People’s Health Safety.1086 Words   |  5 PagesSupport children and young people’s health safety. Outcome 1: Understand how to plan and provide environments and services that support children and young people’s health safety. 1.1 Factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor outdoor environments services. †¢ Who needs to access environments services? I.e. Only staff, parents, children taking into account age range, disabilities. †¢ The schools health safety policy and who is responsible for this. †¢ TheRead MoreSchool Campus The Safest Place For Students1463 Words   |  6 PagesDescription and Summary There is a need to make the school campus the safest place for students in order to advance their education in a safe environment. Issues such as bullying, violence, hate crimes, family issues, and natural disasters such as earthquakes or tornadoes are just a few issues that the school has to develop a plan to address if and when the need arises. Williamson and Blackburn (2010) posit that â€Å"the organization of your school can affect your ability to improve student learning†Read MoreSafety Policies and Procedures in Schools1074 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Violence in schools has become a growing epidemic. Hearing of a school shooting where students are gunned down for no apparent reason is a reminder of the seemly increasing national problem of school violence. Dewey Cornell (2010) a clinical psychologist and education professor at the University of Virginia suggest that school shooting in â€Å"Columbine High School in Colorado and Virginia Tech has reinforced a perception that schools can be dangerous places† (p.1). Yet, there has beenRead MoreIn the School System, Students Safety vs. Students Privacy Essay1150 Words   |  5 Pages In todays school system, there have been uproars about the students privacy and safety at the schoolhouse. Some parents feel that their childs safety is more important because of the rules that the school has set forth to maintain a safe environment. Others feel that their childs privacy should be taken seriously because they should be treated more like an adult. In recent news, there has been concerns about the students safety that cause some to get injured or killed; while, students privacyRead MoreExplain How Legislations Influence Nurseries976 Words   |  4 PagesNurseries Brookside Primary School accepts and abides by the Health and Safety Policy to aim for a safe and healthy environment for children, teaching and non-teaching staff and all other people who arrive on the premises of the school. It also ensures that all member of the school community understand their own responsibilities in maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Principles The establishment of a health and safe environment is essential for the work of the school. It is also a law. It dependsRead MoreEssay on Developing and Maintaining Safe Schools1507 Words   |  7 PagesSafe Schools There is no greater challenge that exists today than creating safe schools. It is difficult for children to learn in an environment that is unsafe and when they feel at risk. It is hard to keep staff on task when they fear for their own safety. One out of twelve students who stay away from school do so because of fear. In an ideal world, you would like to prevent all school crime and ensure the safety of studentsRead MoreHow Metal Detector s Effect Students Behavior Essay1282 Words   |  6 Pagesshow how metal detector’s effect students’ behavior in the school day and to show if the school benefits from having them. Students’ in many school districts across the nation go to schools with different demographics and environments that tend to effect the students’ throughout the school day. The environment in return creates a response that could potentially hinder the student from le arning in the school he/she attends. Therefore, school systems act on the statistics that have shown that violenceRead MoreUnit 208 – Supporting Children and Young People’s Health and Safety671 Words   |  3 Pageshealth and safety 1.1 Describe how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures implemented in the setting With reference to appended evidence C (Health and Safety Policy), the document clearly our School’s stance on health and safety. The school is â€Å"committed to doing all that we can to ensure that the children in our care are healthy, safe and enjoy emotional well-being. We also have a fundamental duty of care to the adults who work in and visit our school†. ThereRead MoreCurrent Health And Safety Essay706 Words   |  3 Pagescurrent Health and Safety legislation, policies and procedures in school settings a short guide Law The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is the main legislation i in our school, it requires employersRead MoreHealth, Nutrition, And Safety867 Words   |  4 Pagesand bad. This unit looks at the environments that can help children achieve healthy skills and good choice development providing them with the thirst for knowledge. The process of helping children to have positive indoor and outdoor learning environments and experiences will address their safety, their nutrition, and their dependency of one another. I wil l also provide and identify appropriate activities and toys that will reinforce their health, nutrition and safety. This can only be accomplished

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Development of a Multinational Personnel System - 3178 Words

ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR LEADERSHIP CASE STUDY: DEVELOPMENT OF A MULTINATIONAL PERSONNEL SELECTION SYSTEM ABOUT THE COMPANY: ComInTec AG Co. is a worldwide leading industrial company that has administration, plants, and sales offices in various regions across the globe, mainly Central, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia-Pacific region (APAC), North America, Central and South America. In 2006 they had 23,000 employees worldwide and gross revenue of 5.8 billion Euros in sales. They had recovered well from the worldwide crisis (recession) that had earlier forced the company to opt for downsizing procedures between 2003 and 2006, resulting in the cut of 900 jobs worldwide. The global headquarter of the company is situated in Munich,†¦show more content†¦He is very confrontational and provocative individual, with strong belief in his own ideology. Name: Ms. Sabine Weitmann Designation: Psychologist Nationality: German Brief Description: Ms. Weitmann is a German psychologist with experience in the field of Psychology. She has attended many conferences and seminars during her time in the States. She is well known for her differentiated thinking, something that comes with being a psychologist. More often than not, she goes about trying to diffuse a volatile situation, cherishing the illusion of salvaging the situation. Name: Ms. Sarah Goldmann Designation: Intern Nationality: German Brief Description: Responsible for noting the minutes of the project teams meetings, along with her assistant; Dai Wei. She tries her best to contribute her own ideas to meetings, and is always on the lookout to impress her superiors. Name: Mr. Dai Wei Designation: Assistant to Sarah Goldmann Nationality: Chinese Brief Description: Responsible for noting the minutes of the project teams meetings. He is an MBA graduate from the Strategic Human Resource Management Institute in Hong Kong. He is a confrontational and expressive individual with a slight temper, but other than that has many traits applicable to high power distance cultures Name: Ms. Bettina Carter Designation: Lawyer Nationality: German Brief Description: She is a German lawyer. She is a very down-to-earthShow MoreRelatedDevelopment of a Multinational Personnel Selection System: Comintec800 Words   |  4 PagesDevelopment of a Multinational Personnel Selection System Situation Analysis: ComInTec, a worldwide leading industrial company, has just introduced the new regional management level which 25 middle management positions were expected to be filled in the Asian-Pacific-region. Therefore, the project team with Dr. Thomas Koch as a leader will be responsible for implementing the new personnel selection process. Moreover, Koenig, Dr. Thomas Koch’s boss needs him to come up with the selection system thatRead Moreï » ¿Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System Essay2103 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System 1. Summary of the Case Study Mr Koch works as an expatriate in Hong Kong for ComInTec AG Co. He was working for the company in the HR department for 17 years and since three years he is the HR director. One day he got the assignment to form a cross functional project team in the high profitable APAC States. The company strive to establish a new regional management level in Asia. A new personnel selection system had to be developedRead Moreâ€Å"Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System† Discussion Questions1204 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System† Discussion Questions 1. Based on your reading of the textbook chapter what strengths and what shortcomings do you see in the newly developed multinational personnel selection system? The newly developed multinational personnel selection system seems to be okay at first glance. It is great that the system is two-tiered, with the first tier consisting of three modules: viewing the applicants’ resume, an unstructured phone interview withRead Moreâ€Å"Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System† Discussion Questions1210 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System† Discussion Questions 1. Based on your reading of the textbook chapter what strengths and what shortcomings do you see in the newly developed multinational personnel selection system? The newly developed multinational personnel selection system seems to be okay at first glance. It is great that the system is two-tiered, with the first tier consisting of three modules: viewing the applicants’ resume, an unstructured phone interview withRead MoreEvolution of Personnel Towards Hrm1110 Words   |  5 PagesPart (a) HRM Assignment 1 Throughout the history of the evolution of personnel towards HRM there have been many landmarks which fall into a number of categories. For example, I will discuss the following headings; the welfare tradition, scientific management, the multinational influence, HRM education and U.S perspective in the 1980’s. I will discuss in each of the headings and the ways in which they have influenced HRM throughout the years. Welfare tradition – the welfare tradition was developedRead MoreNcr Case Analysis : Ncr Corporation1262 Words   |  6 PagesNCR in Scotland Case Study NCR set up its subsidiary in Dundee in 1946 as part of a wave of inward investment in Europe by major American multinational companies. The incentives had come from various European governments, coupled with the Marshall Aid Plan, a brain child of General George Marshall, who aimed to revive Europe’s economy after the ravages of the World War II. NCR as a whole has about 38,000 employees worldwide. The Dundee subsidiary employs around 1,500 people of whom about 100 areRead MoreStaffing Policies - Pros N Cons1319 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is International Staffing? International management encounters many problems above those faced by a domestic organization. Geographic distance and a lack of close, day-to-day relationships with headquarters represent a major challenge to multinationals. It is essential, therefore, that special attention is given to the staffing practices of overseas units (Pigors 1973: 690). According to Pigors (1973: 690) there are three different sources of employees with whom an international companyRead MoreChallenges Faced By The Multinational Organizations1396 Words   |  6 PagesDue to the rapid development of economics and also increase in the globalisation the multinational firms are becoming more prevalent. The challenges that the present managers of these multinational firms are facing are due to intercultural communication. Many researchers say that the differences in the culture eventually influence the communication, performance and management of the organization. Organizations that are planning to expand their business in the international countries have to faceRead MoreMultinational Corporations Based On International Business Essay1730 Words   |  7 PagesAlthough the multinational is separated in several nations, it remains as a single enterprise and therefore must consider how to balance competitive pressures for differentiation and integration (L awrence and Lorsch, 1967). Multinationals must decide how to be sensitive to the unique demands of the indigenous environment without inhibiting their ability to coordinate the internal operations of local units in search of global strategies. As these issues of differentiation and integration are oftenRead MoreIvey – Development of a Multi-National Personnel Selection System2637 Words   |  11 Pagesindustrial company with administration, sales offices and production plants in various regions in the world.1 The owner of the company, Peter Koenig, wants to have a new personnel selection system to be developed to fill 25 middle management positions in the Asian-Pacific (APAC) region2. He prefers to have a standardized personnel selection system which works everywhere (i.e. something that is ‘’applicable cross-nationally and cross-regionally’’ 3). This means that is should be specific in one country, but

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Social Media Marketing and Ecommerce Create Wonders

Question: Discuss about the social media marketing and E-commerce. Answer: The phenomenon that was a dream in the earlier era has turned to be the utmost reality. The entire world at one touch, is the most observable fact in that rules the lives of the individuals in todays digital world. The introduction of the advantages of the internet along with the innovations made in the field of social media, have created wonders in the lives of the people. Internet itself is now one of the integral parts of everyday life, devoid of which it is very difficult to think about leading life. The entire corporate arena across the globe is highly dependent upon the advantages offered by the internet. It is by the virtue of internet that the people residing in any part of the world can contact each other easily. The use of the E-mails through the means of internet gave way to the online social networking sites or more appropriately the social media. Social media or the social networking networking websites have become the resources that allow the individuals to remain in touch with each other and put forth each others thoughts. The intense advancement of science and technology has given birth to mobile and web based technologies that help the individuals to interact, promote, create and share videos, pictures and career related information. Thus, a highly interactive platform is being created. Social media has adapted itself to various forms, such as business networks, blogs, video sharing, social bookmarking, sharing of advertisement and other aspects through online videos, microblogs, enterprise social networks and many more. Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp, Instagram, Wechat, Linkedin and many other such applications have contributed largely in creating interactions a highly advantageous process. (Popescu, 2015). The immense use of Social media and its merits by the business organizations is highly in vogue in todays world. The concept of social media marketing is increasingly becoming common. The companies or the business organizations around the world are using social media to achieve their business interests and incorporate innovative strategies that will keep the business going. The business organizations are intensely using the benefits of social media to develop their market share and always stay connected with the stakeholders of the company. The social media or the social networking sites have enabled the authorities or the executives of the companies to converse with the customers. The consumers can easily post their reviews for the individual business organizations with respect to their products and services. Both the producers and the consumers can share their ideas. It is through these social networking sites that the companies are able to reach within no time to billion of consum ers and make them aware of their products and services (Kane et al. 2014). Zee Entertainment Enterprises is one such example of an organization that has created wonderful achievements in world of entertainment. The enterprise uses its own facbook page and Twiiter to remain connected to a large number of people simultaneously (Zhou et al. 2013). The enterprise of Zee is operating in more than 171 countries having 33 channels that aim to unite the varied set of cultures across the globe. In its facebook and Twiitter profiles, the organization has gained much popularity by being connected to a large number of viewers both in India and abroad. The viewers are able to convey their opinions about the programs shown by different channels of Zee entertainment. They can ask for repeating a particular show, if it really caught their attention and is praiseworthy. The audience or the viewers may also ask for making certain modifications in the programs presented by the channel or any specific program shown by it. This kind of connection helps in enriching the demand o f the consumers, thereby serving the business interests of the organization (Trattner Kappe, 2013). Zee entertainment is such an enterprise that has gained the attention of millions, through its ethical concerns and welfare motive. By operating in a large number of countries, it has made staunch attempts in uniting different cultures of the globe (Aithal, 2015). It considers that the entire world is a family and therefore, should live accordingly. With the help of propagating its ventures via the social networking sites of facebook and Twitter, the enterprise is able to make all the cultures know about each other and thereby generate a form of reverence towards each other. The facebook and twitter profiles of the organization also serve as the best platform, where the viewers find themselves sharing their thoughts with each other and thereby knowing the unknown and staying connected (Tuten Solomon, 2014). References: Aithal, P. S. (2015). Concept of Ideal Business Its Realization Using E-Business Model. in International Journal of Science Research, 4(3). Kane, G. C. J., Palmer, D., Phillips, A. N., Kiron, D., Buckley, N. (2014). Moving beyond marketing: Generating social business value across the enterprise. MIT Sloan Management Review, 56(1), 1. Popescu, G. H. (2015). E-commerce effects on social sustainability. Economics, Management and Financial Markets, 10(1), 80. Trattner, C., Kappe, F. (2013). Social stream marketing on Facebook: a case study. International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing, 2(1-2), 86-103. Tuten, T. L., Solomon, M. R. (2014). Social media marketing. Sage. Zhou, L., Zhang, P., Zimmermann, H. D. (2013). Social commerce research: An integrated view. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 12(2), 61-68.

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tragmac Free Tragic Irony in Shakespeares Essay Example For Students

tragmac Free: Tragic Irony in Shakespeares Essay Macbeth Macbeth essaysThe Tragic Irony of Macbeth There are many types of irony used in Macbeth. Without the irony, the tragedywould not be quite so tragic. One type of irony used in Macbeth is verbal irony. This is when a character saysone thing and means the opposite. Examples of this are when Macbeth says to Banquo,Tonight we hold a solemn supper, sir, And Ill request your presence (III, i, 13-14) orwhen he says Fail not our feast (III, i, 28). Verbal irony makes the play more tragicbecause, if the reader understands the irony of what a character is saying, then the reader can see the true nature and intentions of the character. Another type of irony Shakespeare used is the irony of a situation. This is whenthe results of an action or event are different than what is expected. One example is whenMacduff is speaking with Malcolm about the tragedies in Scotland, not knowing that hisfamily has been murdered. We will write a custom essay on tragmac Free: Tragic Irony in Shakespeares specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now He says: Let us ratherHold fast the mortal sword, and like good menBestride our down-falln birthdom. Each new mornNew widows howl, new orphans cry, new sorrowsStrike heaven on the face, that it resoundsAs if it felt with Scotland and yelled outLike syllable of dolor (IV, iii, 4-7). Macduff, ironically, is remarking on new widows howling, not aware of the factthat he is a widower. This presents a great deal of irony to the reader, as well as a tragicsituation. Dramatic irony is also used in Macbeth. This type of irony is when there is acontradiction between what characters of the play do, and what the reader knows willhappen. In Macbeth, an example is the pleasantry with which Duncan, the King, speaks ofInverness. This pleasantry is a facade, because little does Duncan know, but the plot tomurder him is being hatched and will be carried out here at Inverness. How ironic for thereader, and how tragic, to hear Duncan say: This castle hath a pleasant seat; the airNimbly and sweetly recommends itselfUnto our gentle senses. (I, iv, 1-3). Finally, irony of Fate is used. This is when a result defeats the purpose of anevent. For example, because of Macbeths reaction to seeing Banquos ghost in Act IIIscene iv is so dramatic and violent, he casts suspicion onto himself, instead of gainingpersonal security. He casts suspicion by asking which of you have done this? and thenanswering his own question with Thou canst not say I did it. Never shake Thy gorylocks at me (III, iv, 49, 51-52). This is tragic, for Macbeth ruins his goal of security and ends up casting more doubt upon himself. Macbeth would not be tragic without irony. Irony pulls at the strings of thereaders heart. Whether the irony makes the tragic hero seem more villainous, or makestheir downfall seem more tragic, it certainly helps the tragedy have a less clear cutemotional response.

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Characterisation of Holden Caulfield in the Catcher Essays

Characterisation of Holden Caulfield in the Catcher Essays Characterisation of Holden Caulfield in the Catcher Paper Characterisation of Holden Caulfield in the Catcher Paper Slinger uses effective characterization to explore how Holder finds growing up painful and difficult. Holder is frightened of maturing because he has convinced himself that the adult world is corrupt, and that all the adults are phony, hypocritical and false. He has made this generalization to detach himself from adults, to resist entry to the society that they belong to. Holders actions contradict what he believes as he is a compulsive liar; l have this tiny tumor on the brain. Holder is not shy to lie to people around him. He lies to Mrs. Morrow the woman he meets on the rain after leaving school -because he does not like interacting with new people or opening up to them, in case they are phony. Holder cannot reach full maturity because he ignores advice of his elders, like Mrs. Morrow, as he does not want guidance in his Journey to adulthood he does not want to become what society wants him to become, so he remains a child. Holders own physique is telling him to change and to mature into adulthood despite what he believes, Im six-foot-etc:and- a-half and I have grey hair. His body appears to be maturing, but his mind lacks this placement and remains child-like. Slinger uses this contrast of his emotions with his physical appearance to imply that his body is telling him to grow up, but his mind is resisting, in order to stay innocent and pure for as long as possible. Slinger even uses his name to show his youthfulness , Holder Coalfield can be broken up Into Hold-on as if he is not ready to grow up, and that it is too difficult for him to handle. And Call is apart of the amnion, which protects the babys head during birth, this relates to Holder as he Is metaphorically protected by this and does not mature as a result.

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Mens Rea Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mens Rea - Personal Statement Example He was perhaps in his early thirties medium height and bearded face. What stood out to me at the moment was that he wore well fitted tan suit. I presumed that he was a business man of some sort. Like most in this particular coffee shop, he sat on his chair busily minding his lap top and scribbling on his note pad. He next began talking to himself. I privately concluded that he was a journalist preparing for an interview. My notion was dashed when I noticed a bewildered expression cross his features. He glanced around, panic stricken with eyes darting about. It was almost as if he did not realize where he was. I spent a minute watching him look about like a caged animal and found myself compelled to assist him. Standing with latte in hand, I strode over to assist and en route asked "Are you ok" "Do you need help with something" He stood, the same animal, now cowering but yelling "YOU'RE TRESPASSING, YOU'RE IN MY SPACE". I quickly apologized and left the caf. I consoled myself noting that this man in the nice suit needed some serious couch time. Maybe he was in the middle of a panic attack, I surmised. Yet I wondered was I trespassing If a police officer had been in the caf, would I have been charged I was only trying to help so why did he use that specific legal termtrespassing. Determined to not have my day ruined, I chalked up the experience to a gross misunderstanding by a tortured soul and proceeded about my business. Putting the episode behind me I strolled south on Boston street when suddenly some greenish hued paper caught my eye. To my delight there was a five dollar bill lying on the ground utterly abandoned. I took a moment and looked around me to see if perhaps there was someone searching for it. Nope, the money was mine. I smiled knowing that karma was now on my side and leaned down to pick it up. Suddenly, this screeching voice hurled an accusation and I found myself confronted by flip flops commandeered by toes in desperate need of a pedicure. "You took my Money"!!! My stomach lurched, not again! What is going on today I rose to a tall woman maybe in her middle twenties with black hair wearing blue short shorts and a tank top and flip flops standing there. Setting aside for a moment the fact that she had absolutely no business wearing short shorts, I was being yelled at by this crazy woman with her perfectly lacquered talons waving in my face. Transfixed and trapped by the talons, I quickly returned the five dollars to her muttering an apology. I didn't want any trouble. The woman screamed, "You're lucky you gave it back, I can still call the cops!" I sensed her aggression and replied with, "so sorry ma'am". I could not believe this was happening. If I didn't know better I'd swear I was on candid camera. I wondered what was happening and praying that it would change. I turned around to make my exit and trotted towards the park. It's peaceful there, I concluded. Eyes forward because now I am convinced that the whole town thinks that I am a criminal and I am horrified to see the looks on their faces, I continue my trot. I remind myself that the park is a safe place, a happy place, a peaceful place. Yes, only good things happen in the park and dammit I left my latte back with Ms. Shorty shorts. Should I get another Nah, better just get to the park. I had about three more blocks to go before I reached the park. The whole time I kept repeating positive affirmations